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Flower Care And General Information
Flower While Buying What We Must Consider?
Receiving your flowers Environmental Hall Greenhouse Buy Or take to the shops, some leaves rapidly Sarardığını, Flowers fade, not live so long and you can see. Imported flowers, especially the negativity coming from the square, we received the Quality of the flower, the wrong orientation in vendors Ties, Plant Problems again, as you decide not to take away our friends Give And Green. Several Reasons for the breakdown of the flowers may be, but we should not Ignore your mistakes Da.

Good One must know how to put them down for Compensation for Flower Needs. Reduced chance of success If you do not quite right down the right herb. Flowers Never Chair, Chair, Vase Vs Koyabileceğimiz corner like we want is not an accessory. Each flower Who Has Different Needs some lovin Flowers Flowers Solar Light Solar Light, although it is small pots Yaşayamazlar.Bazen Were Only Love Grows Eff.
Choosing a Light and Heat to the Terms of flowers we will, in various types of plant in the ground we have to Consider Factors such as width. How to put a flower in the ground should determine what we want a good budget, we will Position İgnored Flowers Whether we should not appropriate. Indoor Plants Best Time of Purchase, Development Seasons in the Spring and Autumn is between internal and external temperature are in balance. Differences in the Risk Increases With the increasing heat distortion. Cold Or Hot Air Da Harmful.

Ten Days in a Week Winter received, especially in plants in which to of the first few lower leaves yellowing and spilling, the media normally due to the change, slows down and poured in a Two-Week Ends. If the new leaves Da Burns Featured on, the Maintenance Error made. Big Media probably too dry for plants. Reduced and the leaves must Shower Temp. And the herb that you receive should contact the Authority continues to yellowing and should get help.

Surrounding the roots of the flower pot that you receive your insides And it is time to go out, Replacement Pot has begun. Roots Flower Pot Kaplamışsa insides, in color, however you want, and herb Again Passing the structure if you want a different pot, the roots without breaking, injuring, potted in a pot drainage may change to gold.
Plants Plants Hastalanır.Tüm Why Every Year of Changes in Land Between Times Spring Has Great Benefit.

And we received emulated by paying Big Money for the plants, home and workplaces short time yellowing, leaf spilling Corruption And finally, let us Substantial Fall, Why Would Soğumamıza them.
Sometimes these distortions develop Ki So Fast, knew what was happening Plant Death happens. Factors that may cause illness may collect the plant's seven in the title.

1 - Thirst
Dehydrated plant of any live, healthy plants Less Water Management Edebilseler De Winter, Development Stage to stay without water could cause death, Moist Soils Yeterlidir.Ayrıca Must we have to put water into a bucket large pot herb Sularken Complete fore its up to the sink and the air bubbles in the bucket waiting for and then water
You can instead wait and drain again Irrigation This figure provided is the Best Way To Be Moist Soil And we will be fully soaked

2 - Excessive Water
As needed to water the flowers into the air Da Needs. Especially the green of the plant to request Striker Extreme Winter Months Less Irrigation Water, air, away from the environment and rot in Bacterial Diseases Caused by Road Opens And Easy Way deliver flowers, leaves, flowers Flowers Plants Other Than All The bucket of water.

3 - Over the Sun
Issued by excessive sun burning the leaves suddenly Salon Plants, Soil heat Stunned Okay, the square root burns Revenue And I'm dying plant. Even if the sun Resistant Indoor Plants, Direct Sun Light of the edge of the Glass Curtain On Çıkarılmalıdır.Çiçekler Alıştırarak figure should not be left in the sun.

4 - Extreme Cold
Winter Night and Day Differences in Heat Shock-It Must Result Plant Üşür And Enters, Leaves And The body begins to soften. If we detect thirst State to give this very short time in the water plant is disturbed.

5 - Dry Weather
This Problem Arising in the Winter time, the ambient dry weather plants such as water in a sponge Emer, Leaf Plants spread all end show to the Authority starting, air-conditioned Least One of the flowers in the room environment.

6 - Air Flow
Air Flow ill people when they catch a chill as they, Herbs De Üşür; this time is abundant, the leaves are yellowish and Flow Dökülür.Hava Thank Recommended Places And not to put flowers in front of the window

7 - Light Failure
With the plant's main needs in the Case of Insufficient Light, Plant Starts Over And Irregular Elongation, leaves Lower Sarkar, leaves the body can not move And Breaks; Flowers Flower Power Plants Was stops, where you want flowers Daylight Light Bulb Or Given Name You Can Florasanla Virtual Lighting