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Delivery Of Flowes

The Products İn Our Web Page Are Prepared And Delivered  By Our Experienced Team Of Our Firm İn Alanya.

Who Are  The Flowers Delivered?

To The Reciever.I The Reciever İs Absent, The Flower İs Delivered To A Neighbour Or Anybody Compenent.

Delivery Time

You Can Give Your Flower Orders Between At 9 A.M. And  8 P.M. Without Any Problem. Our Shop İs Open During 7 Days İn A Week.

Sending Flowers To Home Or Abroad

We Work With Selected Firms Which Are The Members Of  Interflora Florist Association İn Every Cities And Countries  Out Of Alanya And Abroad.

According To The Distance,The Price For Your Flower Order İs Requested.

The Order Of Flower Information For Abroad

Abroad Flower Orders Are Delivered After A Day From The Orders. In Abroad,The Members Of İnterflora Don’t Work On Saturdays And Sundays, And Also They Don’t Guarantee The Delivery Time. Your Orders Are Delivered Between 10a.M. And  18 P.M. Please, Make Clear The Receiver’s Telephone Numbers. If You Want To Confirm The Delivery,İn Addition To The Price ,10 TL İs Requested And The Result İs İnformed İn Two Working Days.

Delivery Time On Special Days

As You Know, Because  Of The Working Density On Special Days, İt İs Neccessary For You To Give Your Order Before  One Day  At Home And Three Days İn Abroad. Moreover, We Hope That You Will Tolerate Us İf The Delivery Time Changes On These Days.

Annulment Of The Order

You Must İnform Us The Annulment Of Your Order Before The Flower İsn’t Prepared. The Annulment At Home And İn Abroad, This Period İs One Day.

Restitution Of The Price

If  The Reciever Doesn’t Accept The Order, Price İsn’t Returned.Disagreement Which Can Be Occured During Shopping İs Limited With The Cost Of The Flower.